Medicine Division

The founding of Hospimed in 1990 was connected with the import of top medical equipment for Czech healthcare, which also lends importance to the role of the Medicine division in the structure of the entire company.

From the very beginning, this division has been the bearer of progress and top technologies. It was the first to introduce laparoscopic surgery technology to Czech healthcare. Currently, it represents important global manufacturers of devices and equipment technology in the fields of endoscopy, ultrasound equipment, high-frequency coagulation devices, sterilizers, colcoscopes, suction devices and examination units for ORL, disinfectors for sanitary fixtures and treatment equipment for LDN and senior citizens’ homes. Last but not least, it is a key supplier of consumables – catheters.

The broad spectrum of products supplied requires a qualified team of professionals – salespeople who are in close contact with our healthcare. Their business partners are nurses, emergency room doctors, experienced surgeons, chief physicians, heads of departments and clinics. An expert must always be on hand who can find out the requirements of customers so that the result of our sales work is the continuous development of Czech healthcare technical equipment.

The Medicine division will thus always be an intermediary between science and healthcare, world health advances and all who care about the health of our citizens.