Service Division

HOSPIMED is an authorized service centre for all the products it supplies in the Czech Republic. The activities of the service centre are an integral part of the services offered. We supply our customers not only with top equipment but at the same time also complete technical assurance for its operation. Our aim is to provide services that meet all of the equipment requirements of the medical environment.

We can summarize the basic scope of our servicing services by the following points:

  • Installing equipment on the customer’s site
  • Training personnel
  • Warranty service
  • Post warranty service
  • Regular maintenance and PBTK in accordance with Act no. 123/2000 Coll. in its valid version
  • Technical consulting

We place great emphasis on the professionalism and qualifications of our technicians. We have many years experience with medical equipment. Our employees go through regular training directly at the manufacturers’ facilities and they have the top measurement and calibration equipment at their disposal for their work.

Service calls are always handled speedily and flexibly. We offer the option of direct on-site repair. In cases where, because of the seriousness of the defect, an on site repair is not possible, we loan substitute devices.