Gastro Division

Since our company was founded (16.11.1990), the gastronomic division has been a firm part of our business vision. The division holds the leading position among technical suppliers of the food services industry for the Czech health system as well as other large-scale kitchens where quality and reliability of technological equipment comes first.

Operation of the food services industry from conception to operations lunch:

  • Constructional and technological studies of reconstructions and new constructions of food service operations
  • Qualified calculations of constructional and technological expenses
  • Preparation of project documentation at all levels
  • Constructional work and supply of technological equipment directly engineered to your specific instructions
  • Assembly, training, trial operation
  • Warranty and post-warranty service
  • Qualified and complete consulting and implementation of the HACCP critical point system
  • Regular contact and customer after care completion (follow up)
  • Repeat re-training of personnel
  • Maintenance service that extends the life of individual instruments and reduce service expenses