Completion Division

This division was established as a reaction of Hospimed to the needs of healthcare facilities to equip their operational units with new equipment and thus raise the level of their services in a particular area.

The Completion Division focuses on supplying particular products and services – capital investment provided on a “turnkey” basis. This involves supplying medical equipment units to the state, county, municipal as well as private sectors.

Each project begins with an investment plan of the investor or user. Our task is to monitor these investment plans from their inception and actively participate in their formation with our advisory services. We provide professional assistance and support in specifying equipment for processing project documentation. We also offer a wide range of financial services.  When the plan reaches the selection process phase or public tender offer, we process it so it best meets the user’s expectations. Creating the bid is a highly qualified activity, especially in public tenders, and we can use our experience of many successful bids from previous years.

After successful participation in the selection or public tender process and concluding a contract, we carry out engineering work during the construction that, in collaboration with the building contractor, makes sure the building is ready for individual equipment units. This is followed by assembling the entire operating unit, which includes supplying individual equipment items, assembly, operation launching, trial operation, user training and handing over the functioning unit to the investor.  The Completion Division can equip a walk-in facility, doctor’s office, hospital floor, pavilion or entire hospital.

The benefits for the investor and user of working with our division include:

• Guarantee of a functional unit

• Full warranty on the entire shipment with a single guarantor.

• Unified warranty terms

• Processing inventory lists

• Incorporation of as-built documentation

The structure and personnel staffing of the division is highly flexible so that we can work with various investors and users on vastly differing projects and always satisfy their needs.

As part of Hospimed, the Completion Division can consult with the sellers of the other company divisions and subsidiary companies, but this does not mean that we limit ourselves to equipment solely from the Hospimed portfolio. We strive to keep in touch to the same extent with all sellers of medical equipment on the market so that we can offer the entire spectrum of possibilities to the customer.