Integrated system

ISMS ­Security policy

The primary aim of the companies Hospimed, spol. s r.o. is to ensure the security of information using appropriate and corresponding measures that will protect information assets so as to provide a corresponding level of certainty for our customers and partners.

  1. This goal is planned through building, implementing, operating, controlling, maintaining and continuously improving a documented information security management system within the context of business activities and risks.
  2. The base sources for managing information security are legal regulations, standards, norms and recommendations that must be respected in the information security management process.
  3. For us the term information security means the process of protecting information at the necessary level from the perspective of its confidentiality, entirety and accessibility.
  4. In order to reach our business goals and activities and meet legislative requirements, we create, process and maintain information of differing character that must be kept secure.
  5. We fulfill individual security goals by using adequate measures that are determined within the information security risk-management process in the areas of security organization, classifying information, personal and physical security, environment security, communication security management and operating and managing secure access.

This security policy relates to all workplaces of the companies Hospimed, spol. s r.o.,  as well as to all business activities, services and products provided by external suppliers.


  • We want to make our company different to other companies by the quality of our employees through their careful selection and the company training system.
  • We want to stand out in terms of quality and the comprehensive scope of products and services we offer
  • We want to maintain a continuous lead over other companies in the speed with which we adapt to market needs
  • Every customer is equally important to our company.
  • We want to provide comprehensive services and solutions of customer’s needs
  • Safety and protection of health in the working environment is an area on which we place emphasis on prevention and building awareness of the responsibility for the health of the employees of our companies as well those of our customers / users
  • Every employee is continually motivated and rewarded according to his or her contribution to the integrated company management system.
  • The result of our policy is ongoing care for the development of our integrated system
  • The company meets the legislative and regulation requirements for the supplied products and services during its activities, including conscientious and systematic protection of information
  • One of the goals of the company is to limit negative environmental effects to the maximum possible extent and thus improve our position with respect to the environment
  • The company tries to reduce energy use as much as possible and to limit waste production.
  • During their work, employees fully uphold the security policy set by the basic information security management framework

During their work, employees fully uphold the ethics code of the Hospimed group companies along with the employee ethics code.