About Hospimed

Hospimed is a major supplier of medical and gastronomic equipment and provider of technical services for health care facilities with 20 years of experience. The company represents renowned manufacturers of medical technology, large facility gastro technology and provides brand-name service. It has created its own products in supplying complete turnkey health care equipment units, known as Assembly and offers specialized healthcare facility management. From the beginning of the 21st Century the company has been frequently connected, even by the media, with the most up-to-date, often unique, medical technologies and their use in Czech health care (for example, robotic surgery).


The most important asset of our company is its employees.

The basis of the company is an educated, trained and motivated team of co-workers. We apply full equal rights and opportunities for men and women, support the personal development of employees, in particular through various forms of education and we give preference to and value long-term work relationships.

The Customer

Every customer, without exception, is entitled to the same high quality of supply and services. We create an equal partnership in our business relationships with customers.

Supplies and Services

We realize the commitment given by our position on the market; we only include products in our range of supplies and services for which we have carried out our own evaluation of quality and justification. We strive with all our means for the technological advancement of healthcare and to increase safety and quality. Our current and future role exceeds the limits of business activities – based on our convictions we run an educational program (MIR) for medical and paramedical healthcare staff, we take care to maximize the added value that the customer gains with our supplies and services and continuously adapt our supplies and services to the needs of the market.

Ethical framework

We refuse all signs of and participation in the shadow economy and corruption and a condition of our business activities is the transparency of all processes.


We respect the competition and consider it a source of our own, further development and our long-term goal is to maintain a continuous lead over the competition, in particular through the innovation of our development.